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It's a southern hemisphere Weekly MO! Above the hustle and bustle of Cape Town, South Africa hillsides of sandstone boulders beckon with views of the ocean and near perfect friction. Here, FrictionLabs Pro Keenan Takahashi busts out his one arm prowess on the Pursuit of Happiness, 8a+ (V12). 


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It's a Weekly MO Beta Battle! FrictionLabs Pros Jon Cardwell and Daniel Woods go head to head on crux section of The Rainmaker, V12 in Lincoln Lake, CO. Which beta would you try? Toe hook it or power through... 

 PS - Summer is coming! Videos: JC and DW Edit: Nathaniel D 

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In the pristine granite talus below Mt. Cook, NZ FrictionLabs Pro Josh Larson tops out the first ascent of Green Monstah, V9. "The beauty of New Zealand's rivers, mountains, and stone is unparraled!" -JL  Video by: Cold House Media

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It's another Eldo Weekly MO! FrictionLabs Athlete Cesar Valencia sends the classic Eldorado Canyon boulder Qigong V9. This fun sloper line was established by none other than FrictionLabs Pro Chris Schulte. (Also know as Schulte Arete). 

 Cesar attests: "This line is technical, powerful and a bit subtle from beginning to end as well as extremely aesthetic. Qigong pronounced (Che-Gong) is defined as a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi. This is a perfect name because you need to breath and stay in control through the subtle movements on the razor sharp crimps. Spectacular boulder only 2 mins from the car in the amazing Eldorado Canyon State Park. Get psyched and get after it!" 

Video by Cesar and Naomi :) FrictionLabs.com #FrictionLabs#ChalkMatters

It's another special edition Weekly MO! Spring has sprung which means alpine bouldering season is just around the corner! Follow FrictionLabs Pro Paul Robinson through a typical day in the life of a full time rock climber living in Colorado. Featuring The Shining, V13 and Lonely Mountain, V10 in RMNP. 

 Video by Nathaniel Davison 


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Special thanks to EVO Rock Louisville, CO!

It's a Weekly MO special edition! "Ups and Downs with Niky Ceria." In October 2017, FrictionLabs​ Pro Niccolò Ceria​ visited Helsinki, Finland intent on ticking off some Nalle Hukkataival classics. He very nearly completed the impressive trio of The Globalist (8B+), Hypergravity (8B), and (at the time) the unrepeated Circus Elephant Syndrome (8B+)—And then... 


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It's that Weekly MO yo! FrictionLabs​ Athletes Jeremy Fullerton​ and Alex Manikowski​ hit up Stone Fort, TN for some southern sandstone good good. Both walked away with a few sends (after a few wobblers) including Spankey, V8 and The Law, V11. Get psyched y'all!


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It's time for some Weekly MO! FrictionLabs Pro Joe Kinder maneuvers his way up and through the intricate Red River Gorge mega classic The Tube, 5.14b! Slopers, pockets, crimps, smears, all you can handle... Nice work Joe! 

Video by Daniel Gajda frictionlabs.com 

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Who want more Sammy D Weekly MO? We do!

FrictionLabs Pro Sam "Diesel" Davis powers through Power Slave, V12, The Reflecting Pool, V12/13 (Red Rocks, NV) and Booka Booka Booka, V13. (Moe's Valley, UT). Strong work Sammy!

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Prior to his departure on an epic worldwide climbing trip, FL Pro Josh Larson and crew spent a month in Grand Teton National Park establishing new lines on pristine granite boulders. 

Take a look at Josh's boulder development process in this week's Weekly Mo – Tetons edition! 

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 Interested in following Josh as he travels the globe? Go to www.aworldlesstraveled.com.

How you can tell Matt Fultz is a beast: 

– He is huge. 

– The crimps on Jade (V14) are...not huge. 

We know it's still winter, but it's never too early to get psyched for Park season!  Here's a throwback Weekly Mo from last summer in Chaos Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.

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