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New addition to the FrictionLabs Team, Simon Hibbeler, put in work on a seldom attempted project on The Kind boulder in Emerald Lake, RMNP and walked away with the FA of Be Kind V13/14! Strong work Simon! Welcome to the squad. Video: Height Films Music: Dawn by dotsound (Tick marks were brushed, post send.)

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FrictionLabs Pro Paul Robinson floats on through the Dave Graham, Lincoln Lake CO, airy, mega-classic To Your Scattered Bodies Go, V14. 

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It's a high altitude Weekly MO! FL Pro Daniel Woods powers through Carlo Traversi's Day Tripper, V12 in the alpine upper deck of Chaos Canyon, RMNP, CO. 

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Just released footage! (Caution adult language.) During her 2017 comp circuit, FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio made a quick trip to Switzerland to take a crack at Bernd Zangerl's burly test piece, New Base Line, V14 in Magic Wood. Looking fit and psyched as ever, Alex took down both NBL and the power endurance classic Riverbed, V13. Nice work Alex! 

 Fun fact, Alex is the 4th woman in history to climb V14 with her ascent of Jade in 2014. NBL is her third of four V14s including Jade, Wheel of Chaos, NBL and Penrose Step. 

 Video and Edit: Joel Zerr 

 #chalkupless #climbmore #chalkmatters

Happy hump day! Is that still a thing? Either way, here's a mid-week #weeklymo to get you amped! FrictionLabs Swizzy Athlete Giuliano Cameroni swoops up the iconic moves of General Disarray 8B/V13 on the pristine granite of Brione, Switzerland. (FA by the one and only Dave Graham) 

 Music: Clips by Cushy 

 Giuliano's preferred FL blend? Bam Bam (Chunky)

#chalkupless#climbmore #chalkmatters

It's a Weekly MO "cruiser" edition! FrictionLabs Athlete Sam Sommers catches that last bit of Spring temps with a casual lap up Lost, V11 in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.

#chalkupless #climbmore

Alpine season has begun! Although Secret Splendour, V12 might need a few more weeks to melt out, here's a new weekly mo "teaser" from the end of last season... FrictionLabs Pro Matt Fultz fires yet another gneiss classic in lower chaos canyon, RMNP, CO. 

Music: Clickbait by APOLLO  

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

It's a "Joe's" Weekly MO double feature! FrictionLabs Athlete Jeremy Fullerton goes on a mini sending spree to check off We Call Him Jordan V10, A Simple Twist of Fate V10, and Beyond Life Sit V12 in Joe's Valley, UT. Noice! 

#chalkmatters #chalkupless #climbmore

It's a "Joe's" Weekly MO... What's more impressive than the tufa feature on Worm Turns? Legally blind climber Justin Salas sending it for the first vision impaired ascent! Worm Turns, V11. Joe's Valley, UT. Nice work Justin! 

#chalkmatters #chalkupless #climbmore

It's a southern hemisphere Weekly MO! Above the hustle and bustle of Cape Town, South Africa hillsides of sandstone boulders beckon with views of the ocean and near perfect friction. Here, FrictionLabs Pro Keenan Takahashi busts out his one arm prowess on the Pursuit of Happiness, 8a+ (V12). 


#chalkmatters#chalkupless #climbmore

It's a Weekly MO Beta Battle! FrictionLabs Pros Jon Cardwell and Daniel Woods go head to head on crux section of The Rainmaker, V12 in Lincoln Lake, CO. Which beta would you try? Toe hook it or power through... 

 PS - Summer is coming! Videos: JC and DW Edit: Nathaniel D 

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